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Every role has enhanced my skills and allowed me to grow as an individual and an artist. Adaptability is the result of challenging myself throughout my career. I welcome opportunities that allow me to create, learn something new and invest in refining the process.


  • Troubleshoot and repair all Apple products
  • Capture accurate notes of process taken
  • Team Mentor for supporting co-workers
  • Provide feedback on internal pilot programs

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  • Lens flare removal over actor's face in movie
  • Color replacement for television show
  • Visual effects compositing for documentary opening credits

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Stereo Painter

  • Tested proprietary paint software for stereo conversion application
  • Painted test footage for stereo conversion
  • Shared new practices while software testing

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  • Animation for client projects
  • Created social media and online content
  • Wrote pre-production animation script
  • Conferenced with client for version edits

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  • Storyboarded animated commercial
  • Produced creative for commerical
  • Animated and edited commercial
  • Consulted for digital media production

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Technical Specialist

  • Troubleshot iPods, iPhones and iPads
  • Shared iOS features and tips
  • Provided empathy in emotional encounters
  • Educated visitors on policy and procedure

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  • Tracked footage to match camera movements for film
  • Color key for green screen removal
  • Composited background replacement

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Stereo Compositor

  • Composited while wearing stereo glasses
  • Prototyped NukeX pipeline tools
  • Designed quick solutions for laborous tasks
  • Communicated best practices to team

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Senior Artist

  • Composited plates and visual effects
  • Roto for stereo conversion
  • Painted clean plates for occlusion fill
  • Demonstrated reliability and work ethic

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Visual Effects Producer

  • Consulted for post pipeline process
  • Designed and created visual effects
  • Animated digital makeup on actor
  • Worked beside independent film director

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  • Provided expert knowlege of all Apple products and services
  • Assisted new owners with setup
  • Exhibited grace navigating relationships

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Creative Director

  • Hired and trained creative staff and interns
  • Code and design for proprietary software
  • Wrote and produced training materials
  • Directed talent in color key studio

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Internet Sales Manager

  • Trained sales associates on CPM matrix
  • Designed and coded online advertising
  • Investigated online revenue opportunities
  • Conducted client sales breifings

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Broadcast Designer

  • Produced news graphics and animations
  • Prepared approved budget proposal for Art Department technology upgrade purchase
  • Designed and coded online content

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News & Promotions Designer

  • Produced and operated news graphics
  • Designed station promotional materials
  • Co-created promos and commercials
  • Assisted studio production crew

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Freelance IncludeS:

  • VFX planning and execution
  • Custom graphic design and animation
  • Marketing and ad strategy consulting
  • Wordpress and HTML5 web design

About the Artist

Find out what drives Lucas' creative inspiration.

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