3 months ago. The drift is a 2.3 km access tunnel from the entrance of the mine to the workings. It is located about 50km north-east of Greymouth in the west coast region of South Island. Pike River Mine underground mine workers withdrawn after the presence of carcinogens found. Design of the Pike River mine. Pike River Mine is the second largest hard coking coal export mine in New Zealand. Family members welcome a significant milestone in the mine drift’s recovery. Pike River families astonished at electrical expert's new revelations about the explosion. Pike River Recovery Agency chief executive Dave Gawn said he expected re-entry and forensic work in the mine’s access tunnel will take another three months, followed by … Pike River was a small mine, still at an early stage of development. The workings comprise around 4.3 km of inner tunnels, from where the coal was extracted. Following so closely on the heels of the Christchurch earthquake in 2011, the Pike River Mine disaster was a tragic end to a year of preventable deaths. The Labour government has created the Pike River Recovery Agency to work with the Pike River families and others to plan for decisions on the manned re-entry of the Pike River mine drift. The vision of driving a 2.3-km tunnel uphill though solid rock, across a fault into a gassy coal seam, with no alternative tunnel or shaft for ventilation or exit, ignored international coal-mining experience. 2 Min Read. A kinship born out of tragedy. The mine is owned by Pike River Coal, the only listed coal mining and export company in New Zealand. The Pike River Recovery Agency has released a video update about the Agency’s operations with Chief Operating Officer Dinghy Pattinson and Chief Executive Dave Gawn. 1 Oct, 2020 02:26 AM 2 minutes to read. The work to re-enter the Pike River mine has reached a significant step, with the workers last night reaching the Rocsil Plug near the end of the drift. The Pike River mining disaster was a tragedy that shocked the world. Pike River Mine workers reach 'real milestone' in recovery operation. The Pike River Mine can be separated into two distinct areas: The mine drift and the mine workings. Loader driven by Russell Smith recovered Date published: 6 August 2020 The loader being driven by survivor Russell Smith when the Pike River Mine exploded in 2010 was recovered from 1581m up the drift on Tuesday 4 August 2020. Mining Editor. Twenty-nine men who were in the New Zealand coal mine died when it collapsed in a series of explosions. In short, the de-regulation of the coal mining industry in the 90s meant there was a severe shortage of mine inspectors and shoddy, dangerous practices were allowed to develop in NZ mines. Pike River mine re-entry: Retrieving human remains possible, says recovery boss. Picture by Stuff. Pike River mine latest news. The company situation Pike’s knowledge of the geology and the extent and location of the coal seam was based on an initial 14-borehole exploration programme, supplemented by a similar number of boreholes drilled subsequently. A 2012 royal commission found Pike River Coal guilty of operating an unsafe mine and failing to heed numerous warnings from employees. The project to mine coal at Pike River was flawed from the start.