Movement creates the illusion of life. I suppose that's what drew me to animation in the first place. Not only do you notice the details that go into creating motion, but you get the pleasure of bringing life to still objects.

Motion Graphics

Need a logo animation or extra flare added to a video? I'm experienced in producing custom motion graphics for all media. Able to integrate into an existing team or work independently.

Broadcast Design

Experienced in broadcast design for news affiliates as well as various commercial projects. I'm used to working under tight deadlines to design effective communications the target audience can understand.


Animation is one of the most effective ways of communicating an idea or process. Experienced in producing training materials and other instructional communications.

“Lucas possesses an impressive array of skills, and applies them with an artistry and care that is just as impressive. It has been my pleasure to work alongside him and would do so anytime.”

— Patrick Reilly Nuke Compositor at Pixomondo

Animation Clients

FOX abc The CW
Toyota Disney AAA
GameStop Leap4Life Under Armour
MsgWorx AGOGO Sallie Mae

“You would think a knack for business and an artist's eye would be mutually exclusive. It's a rare individual who has a creative vision and is able to convince clients of the economic benefits his work will bring them. Yet Lucas' versatility is his strongest quality. When I requested his help with a project he always came up with exactly what I needed, and often offered ideas I had never considered.”

Skye Beitler Director of Marketing at WTSP-TV

About the Artist

Find out what drives Lucas' creative inspiration.

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