My understanding of stereoscopic principles are adaptable for film, television and various projects. I'm a practiced problem-solver with over 5,000 hours of stereo compositing experience.


Experienced compositor with ability to solve complex steroscopic conversion issues. Proficient using NukeX for compositing stereo elements or 3D viewing conversion.

Stereo Paint

Need clean up paint after converting footage for stereo viewing? I'm experienced using Adobe After Effects and other proprietary solutions to paint over occlusion artifacts.

“Lucas consistently demonstrates the necessary artistic and technical skills of compositing. He is a heavy-hitter and a pleasure to work with on a team. I look forward to our next project together.”

Dylan Sanchez Houdini FX Technical Director at FuseFX

“The amount of dedication he put in his work was above remarkable, his keen for details and the ability to articulate made him stand out from his peers. Always eager to learn new methods and share his knowledge with others, I strongly recommend Lucas for any compositing jobs.”

Tovonaina Andriamampionona Compositor at Legend3D

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