Visual Effects

The disappointing thing about being a compositor is when you've done it right, no one knows you did anything at all. The challenge of hiding your work is also the thing I enjoy most. Knowing all the little details that go into reproducing color and light on screen opens your eyes to all the details of our real lives.


Compositing is the final polish that adds computer generated elements over video footage with realistic blending. The tools I use to composite are NukeX, After Effects and other proprietary software. I specialize in tracking and match moving objects.

Object Removal

Corrections in post can be less expensive and more timely than a production redo. My experience painting cleanplates for stereo conversion has given me technical ability to remove just about anything from frame.

“He was brought on board for what those in 'the know' can appreciate as arduous and difficult: lens flare removal across the face of one of the lead actors in more than a minutes worth of footage.

Lucas meet the challenge with the poise and grace of Vaslav Nijinsky whilst producing flawless work. Just as important as his execution, was the experience of working with him - he helped to make the a stressful situation, dare I say, enjoyable!”

Patrick Murphy Animation Director at Kappa Studios


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